19 April to 13 May (25 days)
14 May to 19 June (37 days)
20 June to 20 July (31 days)
21 July to 9 August (20 days)
10 August to 15 September (37 days)
16 September to 30 October (45 days)
31 October to 22 November (23 days)
23 November to 29 November (7 days)
30 November to 17 December (18 days)
18 December to 18 January (32 days)
19 January to 15 February (28 days)
16 February to 11 March (24 days)
12 March to 18 April (38 days)



Welcome to my Horrorscope pages.

My psychic ability (or my imagination... I'm not sure which) tells me you want to know what all this is about, where I got the dates from and where the heck Ophiuchus came from. Read on, and you will learn all Grasshopper...


The Dates

The dates for my Horrorscopes are the dates that the Sun is actually present in the associated constellation. They are a lot more accurate than the dates you will find in the horoscope in the back of a magazine or newspaper.

There is some variation in the exact date that Sun passes into each constellation which is partly due to where you are located on the planet (the current date in New York is often a day behind that in Sydney) and partly due to the fact that a year is not an exact whole number of days long (ie. on the same day next year, the Earth is not in the EXACT same position it is today. But in 365.256363 days it will be!).

Note that the constellation for Scorpio is Scorpius and for Capricorn is Capricornus. 'Scorpio' and 'Capricorn' are not actually constellations, but everyone knows what you mean if you mistakenly refer to the constellation of 'Scorpio'.



Ophiuchus is the often ignored 13th constellation that the Sun passes through every year on it's 'journey' along the ecliptic. The Sun spends 18 days in Ophiuchus, compared to just 7 days in Scorpius. However, Scorpius gets all the attention instead of Ophiuchus because it is such a prominent and recognisable constellation whereas Ophiuchus has few bright stars to draw attention to itself.

You might notice the symbols I have used for Ophiucus. I just made them up, but they are based on what the constellation represented in Greek mythology: a serpent bearer or snake handler.